Furniture Goat Parchment


Furniture Goat Parchment

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Characteristics: With its characteristic pebbly grain, goat is the most accessible and widely-used parchment we produce.

Suited for: Parchment can be used as an applied material for cabinet doors, desks, tabletops, headboards, wall panels, lampshades, light sconces, and room shades.

Furniture: Versatility is a defining feature of goat parchment, with both clean and consistent textures or charactered, scarred, and uniquely-patterened skins readily available.  Colors ranging from stark white and cream to heavily patterned and even dyed make goat perfect for everything from large interior projects to individual binding applications.

PLEASE NOTE: Individual orders are considered custom and take approximately 3 WEEKS to make due to the careful and extensive process. For rush orders please feel free to contact us here
Thank you for understanding.

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