Leather for Interiors

Our leathers are tanned with a traditional vegetable tanning method using chestnut extract and are drum-dyed using aniline dyes to produce both rich and earthy colors. 

Along with our regular full-grain matte and high shine surfaces, we can also produce suede, nubuck, waxed grain, and smooth leathers. Contact us for more on these custom finishes.

Furniture & Interiors Parchment

As a surface material, parchment conveys subtleness and solidity, less like leather and more like stone thanks to their crisp edges and depth of character.  Its versatility makes it suitable for applications like cabinet doors, desk and table tops, headboards, and wall panels in room interiors.

From stark character and patterning, to a subtle variation in undertones, to a soothing and warm consistency, we are able to produce parchment for any interior project.  We can also work with any designer to produce and sort for any specific patterning or color.  Contact us with questions about custom parchment needs.

 Upholstery Leather

With a round feel and body to the leather that can only come from vegetable tanning, our hides convey a quality and character that is impossible to find anywhere else.  Beautiful grain, vibrant colors, and a luxurious softness all come together in a material that can be used on any stool, chair, or couch.

We can also work with individual customers to create unique colors, patterns, and surfaces on any of our leathers.  Contact us directly to learn more.


Parchment and Leather for Lighting

Parchment and leather have long been used for lighting accents and lampshades.  The translucency and natural warm tones of parchment are perfect for creating comfortable ambiance in both residential and public spaces alike.  And with unique textures and varied tones, our leather can provide a perfect accompaniment to both classic designs and modern pieces.

We can also produce different textures and colors for more functional requirements as well.  Contact us with questions or custom requests.

Ethical Promise

All of our hides come from North America with the majority coming directly from farms and farmers. We pride ourselves in offering traceable sourcing from farms that are working to reduce CO2 emissions, improve animal welfare, and promote better agricultural practices.

Our leather is vegetable tanned, a traditional tanning method utilizing plant extracts as the primary tanning component. Compared to chrome tanning (found in most modern tanneries), our veg-tan is done without potentially toxic heavy metals while still producing a durable, long-lasting leather that will age beautifully.

The hides we use for parchment come from animals that have died naturally or been raised for food. All of our hides come from North America, with the majority from local farms and hunters. Vegetable leather tanning is a traditional and environmentally sound process, taking approximately 60 days to complete. While the chrome tanning many other tanneries use takes only a few days, it uses carcinogenic chemicals and creates earth-harming waste.

We are committed to traceability in our materials, so we are working toward creating a process that allows our customers to know where our hides have come from and be confident that all of the processing was done sustainably from start to finish.

Whether you are shopping for raw materials or custom designs, you can count on us for responsible production methods as well as unrivaled quality.

Large Project Inquiries

We offer manufacturing capabilities for all of our parchment and leather, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than eager to share information in regards to our wholesale discounts or samples for your furniture and interior projects.

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