Leather Types

The Meyer Family has been producing leather for nearly 500 years. Since the 1850’s, we have been making niche leathers for many different industries from footwear to belts to musical instruments.

Today, we continue this tradition with vegetable tanned leathers for interiors, furniture, accessories, footwear, and traditional hand crafts. All of our materials are 100% domestically sourced and processed from start to finish at our facility in the Hudson Valley, New York.

Copy of Cow Leather

Goat Leather

Fine grain texture with a naturally durable surface and a wide range of character, exceptional for leather goods, crafts, and furniture. Available in 2 oz/.8 mm to 4 oz/1.6 mm

Cow Leather

Sturdy, durable, with large grain patterning, perfect for couches, chairs, handbags, belts, and footwear. Available in 3 oz/1.2 mm to 8 oz/3.2 mm

Copy of Goat Leather
Copy of Calf Leather

Deer Leather

Finely textured with plenty of natural character picked up from life in the wild, inherent softness is great for bags, boots, and upholstery. Available in 2 oz/.8 mm to 5 oz/2 mm

Calf Leather

Uniquely patterned with a soft hand, used in small leather goods and crafts where tactility and luxuriousness is paramount. Available in 2.5 oz/1 mm to 3.5 oz/1.4 mm

Copy of Deer Leather

Our Standard Finishes



Our Hudson line is vegetable tanning at its purest, offering a completely natural surface that will patina and wear beautifully and quickly as the leather gets handled. Character, markings, grain, and varied hand feel are all expected with this unadulterated look. Available in all leather types.


Empire is a waxed veg tan leather, preserving the natural character and grain of the hide while adding durability and creating rich, deep colors with warm tones. Empire is available in all animal types, and the surface and feel can be adjusted based on individual requirements.

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The unique, pebbly texture of goat is one of its most desired qualities. Our Highview serves to accentuate that natural character, highlighting the grain patterning and drawing out an aged, worn look without artificially texturing the skins. As such, this line is only available in goat.


Our Palisades line is the all-purpose leather when durability, consistency, and function are the priority. Available in standard varieties as well as a range of options, including shine, texture, and color. Standard offerings are produced on goat, but special requests can be made for all other types.



Our Rugged leathers are sorted based on their natural character and grain for a more cost-effective option. Available in any finish, these leathers have more natural variation in texture and color when function and economy are most important. Cow, calf, and goat are all available in the Rugged option.

Custom Finishing

We offer our services to help develop and produce unique leathers for numerous applications. From custom color development, to surface qualities, to durability and functionality concerns, we can lend our expertise and flexibility to help you create a leather specific to your needs.