Our Parchment Types

Pergamena offers calfskin, goatskin, deerskin, and sheepskin parchment in pre-cut sizes and full skins. Parchment is produced in three thicknesses: thin (below .25 millimeters/below .010 inches), medium (.25–.45 millimeters/.010–.017 inches), and thick (above .45 millimeters/above .017 inches). A wide variety of dyed goatskin parchment is available, including custom colors.

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Please feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities for custom orders or a sample book.

Our Vegetable-tanned Leathers

At Meyer & Sons we use a pyrogallol vegetable tannage to ensure a long-lasting, wonderfully supple leather. Our vegetable-tanned leathers take an impression beautifully and are easily pared, making them the ideal choice for bookbinding, tooling, and gilding. And we use aniline dyes, which chemically bond to the leather to produce long-wearing, saturated colors. Our tannage and dyes are environmentally safe, so you can feel confident in buying a high-quality product that’s responsibly made.